Audrey and Sadie are simply incredible. They are such beautiful, friendly girls, from the moment we met they made me feel amazing, they made me feel so desirable and wanted. They are very, very sexy, they clearly enjoy playing together, and I had an unbelievably good time. They are also a pleasure to talk with."
James, March 2019, Scarlet Blue

"I once again had the pleasure of hosting these lovely ladies last weekend. Although I was literally exhausted and very stressed out from a week of working on budgets they quickly worked their magic and had me on cloud nine before I knew what was happening. Sensational does not come close to describing these stunning creatures. 
They love and deserve to be spoiled so make an effort ands they will reward you. I cannot wait to see them again."
Glen, June 2018, Scarlet Blue

"Into the bedroom and I was delighted that they took control. I did not know where to start or look! At times it is liked being on the receiving end of a tag team, as they pass over to each other for mutual pleasure. Wicked smiles throughout - there is no acting with these two. I will leave the finer details to your imagination but it was everything I had hoped for. Their verbal encouragement and instruction will live with me for ever. 
Thank you Audrey and Sadie for such a wonderful experience - hope to visit Adelaide again to see you for more fun."
BW, January 2018, Scarlet Blue

"As a first time user of escorts, i was wary of paying substantial money to meet complete strangers. Five minutes in and those concerns disappeared. Simply put these girls are amazing. Intelligent, attractive, talented and professional, i was spellbound just to be in their company. They are everything a man could hope for and so much more.
They are Adelaide’s finest escort couple without doubt. Dont take my word for it, book them and experience their magic for yourself. Be quick though, as i am going to keep them very busy."
Glen, January 2018, Scarlet Blue

"They’re both highly intelligent and fascinating people –
"But the number one memory I will forever savour is the way both girls managed to bring me to the edge of orgasm and hold me there for what felt like an eternity, sending continual waves of pleasure rolling through my body. I don’t think I’ve ever moaned so loud in my life! And the sly/knowing/lustful way both Audrey and Sadie were grinning at me madetheyithaveallittheall!"more hot."
Elemental19, April 2017, Punter Planet.

"The time together flowed naturally and with such intensity. They were so eager to please but also very happy to
"Soon the seduction turned into sensual passion...lots of kissing, touching,tasting&teasingallreceive."round...those eyes & sweet lips!! It's amazing how many ways you can twist & turn your body when savouring the sweet taste of their naked bodies. So damn yum!!

Both Audrey & Sadie have an amazing connection. I wish time could've stopped as every moment together was pure bliss and so much fun...luckily I did extend my booking."
Angelo, April 2017, Scarlet Blue.

"Upon arriving outside the room door, I knocked on the door….. few seconds later the door slowly opened. I nearly fainted. I am standing in front of the two most beautiful young girls I have ever seen in my punting life… Their beauty, commitment, unbelievable service to satisfy the client takes the erotic experience to the next level. They are definitely the most two beautiful ladies I have been with in my punting life. Both the girls have amazing skin and seem to be looking after their bodies well. All natural and again, I totally recommend them for anyone looking girls with natural bodies..My fellow punters, I totally recommend these two beautiful girls if you are after an unbelievably great erotic experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life.” 

Sam999, March 2017, Punter Planet

"The right words don't exist in the English language to describe the rendezvous I had with two of the world's most gorgeous, intelligent, witty and funny women on this little planet of ours who are of course the amazing Audrey & Sadie... When you're in their presence, the world stops as your heart beats faster (it also skips a beat when you first see them) and the arousal factor goes from 100 to infinity. It was bliss and it was perfection and I for one cannot wait until these beautiful women return to Melbourne again. However, one hour is not enough time to be in the company of goddesses because I could have dined all day!”

A Gamer, March 2017, Scarlet Blue

"I saw Audrey and Sadie just after Australia Day, two perfect women which of course made it Audrey & Sadie Day for me. As I've seen these two amazing women before, it was just as special and memorable as before. Sure I still get a little nervous just before the meeting but the excitement and sensation from the session is pure bliss and because we know each other more now, we click really well.From our private fun, I think I'm on a high for the next week thanks to all the endorphins that get released being with these amazing goddesses! I so can't wait to see them again as I've fallen under their spell.”

Andrew, February 2017, Scarlet Blue.

"I had a marvellous time with these absolute beauties. Very sexy, very friendly and very, VERY skilled. They say time flies when you’re having fun and I have to agree, the 2 hours we spent were over so quickly I was kicking myself for not booking longer. The conversation began to get a bit heated and one thing led to another. Every moment was absolute bliss with these two, it was like they knew exactly how to push every one of my buttons, as well as each others. Seeing them sharing each other and sharing me was something I will never forget. It’s not surprising I was able to cum more than once, something I can’t normally do.”

Steve, February 2017, Scarlet Blue

"Wow...what can I say.....I truly had double trouble was my first FFM experience and it can't be better than having it with these hot and spicy beauties name Audrey and Sadie. Right from the welcome to the end of our two hours It was truly unforgettable. The way I was treated like a king. Started with a relaxing chat and ended with bloody sweaty bodies it was real hard workout. Truly said in the profile that words can't describe you must experience to know how good these beauties are at what they do. It was a dream come true experience.”

Mystery Lover, December 2016, Scarlet Blue.



Like anything in life in that is
Beautiful, saucy, playful and just sexy AF! "truly to be treasured, words cant really do these two delicious ladies justice.”

Smit, December 2016, Scarlet Blue

"How unbelievably lucky we are in Adelaide that these two incredibly sexy and gorgeous erotic Goddesses have chosen to be based here among us mortals. They must have flown in from the planet Venus because I have seen them twice now and they have blown my mind; they seem to exist on a higher erotic plane and are a cut above anyone else. The second time was even better than the first time with them, which I still find hard to believe given how fantastic the first time was! The moment they open the door and you enter, you will be stunned and you will catch your breath when you first lay eyes on Audrey and Sadie, because although their photos are quite accurate and genuine, nothing quite prepares you for how stunningly gorgeous they are in the flesh, standing there before you in that lingerie that suits them perfectly, their youthful sparkling eyes looking directly into yours. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Valerio, November 2016, Scarlet Blue

"I'd been ogling their ad for months before deciding to take advantage of their spring special. As soon as I stepped into the room I was greeted by these two ladies, and let me tell you, their pictures don’t do them justice. I spent an hour with the pair and it was filled with passion, cheekiness and a lot of fun. Both of them are friendly and full of energy and you can tell they enjoy what they do. Very excited to see them again soon, thanks a lot Audrey and Sadie!”

Peteradelaide, October 2016, Scarlet Blue.

"After my last ‘play session’ with the beautiful and perfect goddesses, Audrey and Sadie, I had to have more. It’s like tasting the forbidden fruit because once you have experienced Audrey and Sadie together, there’s no turning back. So reminiscing about our last session (wow), I just had to have another session with these perfect sexual beings and after emailing Audrey, we arranged a 2pm catch-up! When the day finally came, I was really distracted at work but somehow I managed to get to 2pm… it wasn’t easy. So as they opened the door, both Audrey and Sadie were wearing some drop-dead gorgeous underwear. These girls could easily be top models and you just have to check out the photos to see for yourself." 

Andrew, June 2016, Scarlet Blue.

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